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The Kibo Code

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The Kibo Code

The Kibo Code Review

What is the present but the future of yesterday, and this image which the present is on now, how was it reached? That is, why is this present in its current form and not in another image? Planning for the future is the clear and specific answer to this and other questions that are related to it, or that go in the same context.

The present (as yesterday’s future) presents many surprises and changes, and for this reason, planning based on perspectives, visions and short-term goals is futile if not harmful to the institution, its entity and mission, and perhaps its very existence.

Making The Future With The Kibo Code System

Taking long-term goals as the driver’s guide, and using them as a planning mechanism, is the lifeblood and safety valve of a company in a world that is rippling with changes and events in a wave; hence adopting short-term strategies and goals will ultimately lead to the company’s inability to keep pace with these developments.

The ability to plan and control the future comes from reflection and planning for the present, and trying to predict everything that can result from this present, that is, it is an attempt to think about the present, its implications, and its various consequences.

Between the present and the future is a firm and tense relationship at the same time. The present is the way of the future, and planning for the present is possession of the future, but this relationship will be tense, if not both are taken into consideration.

We can overcome this dilemma when the present does not distract us from thinking and planning for the future, and when we do not forget that owning the present is the possession of the future and its prediction together. Thinking about emergencies and what is daily is important and necessary, but it should not distract us from what is ahead.

Opportunities and risks in The Kibo Code Course

The essence of the strategic planning process is to identify opportunities and try to seize them, and make the most of them, avoid risks (current and future), and keep them away from The Kibo Code Course company and its various activities.

Which means that strategic planning is, in depth, a two-dimensional process, that is, it is an attempt to seize present and expected opportunities in the future, and to develop frameworks and plans that exempt the company from falling into threats of any kind.

In this mode of planning, along with the vision of The Kibo Code, a kind of ambition appears, meaning that the company, when it develops certain plans and strategies, at the same time expresses what you want it to be in the future, that is, it plans for the desired form to achieve and reach in the future.

The Kibo Code Bonus

If we are talking about planning for the future, methods and mechanisms for drawing and making The Kibo Code company’s future, then it is important to point out that there is a difference between strategic planning and long-term planning, as the latter is limited to the general factors that exist within the company.

While strategic planning takes into The Kibo Code Bonus account the political and economic factors in the society surrounding the company, whether present or expected in the future, it is also built according to a clear and specific vision of the desired future shape in the future, not to mention that it depends on comprehensive and general principles.

So The Kibo Code long-term planning is the first step towards the future, and strategic planning is that future, which has been formulated and molded into clear and specific plans and strategies.


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